Expand the restrictive Green Zone 

By removing the minimum distance of 600 feet between a new and an existing cannabis dispensary or retail outlet, and encourage policies that allow them to locate in all areas of the City of San Francisco to resolve the current clustering problem.

Encourage standardized business practices

Of medical and adult use cannabis in San Francisco by supporting appropriate health and safety standards for all products including but not limited to accurate lab testing, dosage information, and product expiration dates for quality assurance. Encourage innovation in the cannabis industry. Support a robust compassion program for low income medical cannabis patients. Allow for free samples to be given to medical cannabis patients and adult consumers of cannabis.

Provide oversight and report cards

On all elected San Francisco officials, legislators, law enforcement officers, and judges who can affect the cannabis community.

Demand the City of San Francisco support safe access to cannabis

Officially & actively oppose the Federal prohibition of cannabis, and affirm the 2001-2002 Resolution passed by the San Francisco Board of Supervisors. Oppose new city taxes on medical cannabis. Support the creation of consumption lounges throughout San Francisco, where patients and adult consumers can safely use their cannabis.

Organize the San Francisco cannabis community

To keep the voters informed, to register voters, and to create a strong voice of medical cannabis patients, adult consumers of cannabis, and their allies.

Provide education on all aspects of medical cannabis

To elected San Francisco officials, department heads, and their respective staffs, including those in the criminal justice system.